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One Day Courses

One-Day McQueens Masterclass Experience 

Cost £260 per person

McQueens One day Master Class is a one day course tailored for anyone with a love and appreciation of flowers who wants a really enjoyable and fun time. Do it on your own, or bring a friend along, and find out exactly what you can achieve with a little expert guidance. This makes a brilliant gift for anyone who loves flowers and wants to learn a little more in a relaxed, informal but informative way. This class your opportunity to explore the style and philosophy of one of the UK’s premier florists. The one-day course includes useful tips on flower care and demonstrations of signature McQueens designs. Then it’s over to you! Students get an opportunity to create their own unique design – with some expert help from our tutor – and then take it home at the end of the day

Our classes in 2018 starts at 10am and finish at approximately 4pm, with an hour’s break for lunch.  Light refreshments are provided, as well as tea and coffee throughout the day. Click here to book online

One-Day McQueens Masterclass Experience 2018

Wednesday, 25th July

Saturday, 18th August

Saturday, 22nd September

Saturday, 13th October

One-Day McQueens Masterclass Experience 2019

26th January (Saturday) 2019

12th February (Tuesday) 2019

16th February (Saturday) 2019

9th March (Saturday) 2019

6th April (Saturday) 2019

17th April (Wednesday) 2019

11th May (Saturday) 2019

23rd May (Thursday) 2019

15th June (Saturday) 2019

27th June (Thursday) 2019

13th July (Saturday) 2019

31st July (Wednesday) 2019

17th August (Saturday) 2019

5th September (Thursday) 2019

28th September (Saturday) 2019

9th October (Wednesday) 2019