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McQueens in California

We are delighted to announce an exciting collaboration with Russian River Flower school in Healdsburg, California and are very excited to be teaching McQueens Design: One-Week Course in September 2017. We have enjoyed a special relationship with RRFS founder Dundee Butcher for many years: she is a dear friend of McQueens and a former student at McQueens Flower School in London. We have been taking great pleasure in watching Dundee’s hard work and success pay off, and we are delighted to announce this unique collaboration across continents!

McQueens Design: One-Week Course

Cost for five-day course $2,000

Cost for days booked individually $425

Date 25 – 29 September

Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm

Day One: The Basics You Need To Know. Conditioning, Flower Care and the Hand-Tied Bouquet

With this class we will start with the basics and explore best practices with flower-care, conditioning, buying and how to get the most out of your flowers. We will also focus on the hand-tied technique and gift wrapping solutions with flowers for gifts.

Day Two: Flowers for Entertaining. Options for Table Centre Design

This class will focus on the design and creation of design options for dressing the table and flowers for entertaining. Using a range of containers we will look at the best way to create visual impact with flowers.

Day Three: Centre Stage: Focal Designs that Get Noticed

This class is dedicated to feature designs with the ‘wow’ factor. We will work on both classic and contemporary styles of focal display suitable for welcoming guests to a party or event.

Day Four: An Elaborate Table: Tall Table Centre Designs

During this class we will work on larger scale table designs for a more elaborate gathering, using height to create impact for the type of flowers that will be remembered by your guests.

Day Six: Let’s Work Together: A Large-Scale Group Project 

Working as a team the group will create a large-scale installation to create a stunning backdrop for the end of the course, followed by a drinks reception.

Click here for more information or book a place on the course